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Country Head - General Application - 2016/2017

Delivery - Centre of Government
Salary Details:
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31 Dec 2017
Focus Of This Role:

Leadership Positions

AGI Country Heads have full responsibility of all programme activities, including managing a team of 4-10 people, project budget oversight, strategic programme design and the delivery and evaluation of project goals. This includes managing relations with senior government stakeholders, including in some countries, the President. For these challenging and demanding roles we are looking for exceptional performance in the AGI competencies and proven experience of building senior relationships and managing high performing teams. 

Key Competencies:
  • Leadership and organisational awareness
  • Building and managing effective relationships, including the ability to navigate complex political environments
  • Influencing and coaching and delivering change through others
  • Management and delivery, including excellent project management skills
  • Strategic planning and decision-making
  • Analysis and use of evidence
  • A creative and entrepreneurial approach and the ability to overcome barriers and make change happen within emotionally demanding environments 
As well as meeting our core competencies, we expect candidates for the Country Head position to be able to demonstrate how they will meet the following key responsibilities:
  • Maintain the “Licence to Operate” within country ie. budget management, operations, safety and security of staff
  • Set the strategic direction of the project
  • Build the team and drive its performance
  • Understand and engage the principal stakeholders
  • Contribute to the wider leadership and development of AGI as an organisation
What We Look For in Our People:

AGI's People

Our teams are all made up of outstanding individuals who understand that politics is as important as technical know-how when it comes to getting things done. They are excellent building and maintaining relationships, skilled to help our partner governments solve some of their most challenging strategic problems, and demonstrate strong leadership skills. We are bound by a unique set of shared values; we’re bold in our approach, relentless in pursuit of impact, led by our government partners not by our own agenda, passionate about Africa’s potential and independent. When we get things right, we have the potential to help change millions of lives for the better.

Working at the heart of government in Africa within a small dynamic team, AGI team generally have 7+ years relevant professional experience within public/civil services worldwide; strategy consulting; relevant industry experience; private equity and finance; and international development. 

About AGI:

AGI's Mission

Over a billion people in Africa need their governments to provide basic services such as hospitals, schools, sanitation, jobs and much more. When governments fail to deliver, it’s the poor that suffer most. That’s why AGI’s mission is to support effective government in Africa - to make government work for the world’s poorest people.

To achieve this vision, we provide practical advice and support to help African Leaders Bridge the gap between their vision for a better future and the capacity of their governments to achieve it. In the last year, this has included helping to end Ebola in West Africa, supporting the set-up of the Development Bank of Nigeria, and reforms in Rwanda that will increase farmers’ incomes and exports.

Our model combines the experience of AGI’s founder and Patron, Tony Blair, with on-the-ground teams of professionals working shoulder-to-shoulder with counterparts in the heart of partner governments – in Presidential Offices, Investment Agencies and Ministries – to develop capacity and put in place the skills, systems and structures needed to drive the delivery of results on the ground. Currently, AGI is working to support the governments of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Guinea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria.

How to Apply

In order to apply for an AGI role you are required to complete an online application form which includes uploading your CV (no longer than 2 pages) and completing a 300 word personal statement explaining why you want to work at AGI and your suitability to the role. For more information please contact

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